Super Hot August Magzines Covers (International)

Abby Clancy - Esquire
Abby Clancy looking 'Abbylicious'... 'Ive always been a bit of a handful' she says! We bet!

Kim Kardashian - Cosmopolitan
Kim Kardarshian looking absolutely 'peachy' in a short peach coloured dress!

Monica Bellucci - GQ (Russia)
Monica Ballucci is a black dress that would fall off if she was not holding it up - short, curly hair, she's sexily cute.

Beyonce - Complex
Beyonce on a black and white cover- hair flying out behind... very interesting; very stark!

Natalia - Cosmopolitan
Natalia, in a very brief red bra and very brief pair of shorts, looks healthy and wholesome!

Jessica Hart - Elle
Jessica Hart in a deep turquoise, complicated, sexy dress... the last word? She looks hot enough to kill for!

Emma Stone Vanity Fair (US)
Emma Stone in a red and white striped bikini- red lipstick, golden hair! Very blond!

Audina Partridge - FHM (UK)
Audina Partridge has 'this fame thing licked'. Very cool in a sexy white swimsuit- this cover is summer's delight.

Mila Kunis - GQ (US)
Mila Kunis sipping cold coffee, tee shirt and black briefs, has something on her mind!

Jennifer Hawkins - Maxim (Aus)
Jennifer Hawkins in a black pair of lacy panties, a white towel... and that's it!

Amy Winehouse - NME
The cover is commemorative of Amy Winehouse. She looks...oh!!! Beautiful!

Olivia Wilde - Marie Claire
Olivia Wilde in a hot red dress, pretty wild!

Sarah Jessica Parker - Vogue
Sarah Jessica Parker dressed in a beautiful lace outfit, offset by black leather studs.

Selena Gomez - Elle
Selena Gomez, grey pant- sweater outfit, offset with a gold belt around her slim waist! Forever young!

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